Tenant Representation Process

CRE Partners Proven Process

Get the Most Out of Each Deal

Our unique tenant representation process allows us to manage each individual project and understand all of the issues and legalities that must be addressed. That knowledge is put to work every step of the way.  After a contract is signed, we will also participate in the design/construction process to ensure that all details are addressed. We can even refer a strategic partner that will oversee the actual moving day.

Identify Criteria

Develop a strategic real estate plan

Analyze the market & select properties to fit criteria

Submit RFP’s to property owners

Space planning & construction bids

Review proposal and conduct analysis

Negotiate favorable terms

Assist with preparation of lease or purchase agreements

Identify, Develop, Analyze, Negotiate

Detailed Process

Identify Criteria

We help industrial and office clients optimize real estate solutions through front-end research and analysis. Using our comprehensive property criteria survey, we are able to recognize the unique needs of each client and create a corresponding strategic real estate plan.

Analyze the Market and Select Appropriate Properties

Combined with our in-depth market knowledge, we use multiple sources to survey the market to find potential properties that fit the defined criteria. These sources include: Xceligent, CoStar, other multiple listing service providers, brokerage firms, institutional owners, individual owners, and our personal relationships.

Submit RFP’s

Once preliminary construction costs have been established, we submit a request for proposal to the specific property owners defining the main business terms and establish a beginning negotiation position.

Space Planning and Construction Bids

After we have identified the appropriate spaces, we engage an architect to draw a space plan. After a space plan has been agreed upon and the corresponding pricing plan has been created, we bid the plan to multiple contractors to get the best price.

Review Proposals & Negotiation

We review the incoming proposals and conduct lease/purchase analysis to create an “apples to apples” comparison. Based on this analysis, we make recommendations for counter proposals and negotiate favorable terms.

Lease Document/Purchase Agreement

We always recommend using a real estate attorney to review a lease document or purchase agreement. We will also have recommendations regarding certain language in these documents.

Tenant Representation Process

CRE Partners Tenant Representation Process – Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota (MN)